The Materials

At Turner Custom Closets, we use high quality, 3/4″ pressed pine. Pine has a high strength to weight ratio, so it works great for your custom closets. Because we chose to use 3/4″ material, we guarantee the wood against sagging for lengths up to 41″. This gives you more options when designing your space. All wood is covered with a high-density melamine finish. This enables us to use colour options without staining, and makes it easy for you to keep it clean.

The Accessories

At Turner Closets, we have access to a wide range of accessories to enhance your closet organizers. From shoe racks to slide out recycling bins and laundry hampers, we can personalize any space to suit your needs.

Pullout Basket with Cloth Liners

Conceal items and create that chic closet look with these wire baskets and cloth basket liners. Machine washable. Available in 33 sizes, ask us for details!

Lazy Shoe-Zen

Revolutionize your closet our rotating Lazy Shoe-Zen! This innovative product will bring inner peace to your cluttered closet. Available in 2 sizes, for men’s shoes and women’s shoes.

Wire Hamper with Canvas Bag

Keep dirty clothes from piling on the floor with our Double Wire Pullout Hamper and Canvas Bag.

Pullout Baskets with Mats

Keep things from falling through the cracks with our pullout baskets and polyethylene basket mats. Easy to clean. Simple drop-in installation.

Necklace Organizer

Keep your necklaces organized and in mint condition with our Necklace Organizer. This unique insert design is specifically made the store necklaces without tangling. You’ll never fight with a knotted necklace again!

Velvet Ring Organizer

Keep your rings organized and in meticulous condition with our Velvet Ring Organizer. This unique accessory is designed to give you the ability to store rings and other jewelry in various sizes.

Wire Hamper with Cloth Bag

This easy to use hamper is ideal for clothing but can be used for toys, linens and much more. The stylish black liner is made of durable, machine washable canvas, features Velcro ties and black coated handles.

Jewelry Organizer

Keep your jewelry organized and immaculate with our Jewelry Organizer. This unique insert design gives you the ability to store larger items like necklaces without tangling. A must-have for those who love to accessorize!

Fold-Out Ironing Board

We’ve ironed out the inconvenience of storing and setting up that bulky ironing board with this fold out ironing board. Simply open it until the gravity lock engages, unfold the board and you are ready to iron!

Lifetime Warranty

Because we use 3/4″ material, we are able to guarantee your custom closets against sagging for up to 41″ lengths. This warranty is good for the lifetime of your closet organizers. If you have any problems with wood sagging, just give us a call and we will replace that piece.


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